On the Cusp of a Biomedical Revolution – Best of CRISPR 2017 Articles

Best of CRISPR 2017

One can hardly pick up a science journal or biotech magazine without reading about another CRISPR-related advance. In the past six months, we have seen major advances in editing disease-causing genes in human embryos. New tools include RNA-editing CRISPR systems and ultra-precise base editors. In the latter, a modified Cas protein pinpoints and tweaks a specific nucleotide, rather than completely cleaving the double helix. In this timely supplement, GEN has compiled a selection of topical features on novel applications of CRISPR/Cas9 that neatly capture the incredible excitement and potential of this technology. Kicking things off is Malorye Branca’s excellent feature exploring clinical applications of CRISPR therapies entitled: “A Dose of CRISPR: Can Gene-Editing Cut It in the Clinic?” (This originally appeared as a cover story in GEN’s sister magazine, Clinical OMICs.)

Other articles from GEN in this supplement cover a broad range of issues, including enhancing and scaling up fundamental CRISPR genome-editing technology, and a range of new applications from engineering the pig genome for safer organ transplantation to various novel strategies in gene therapy.

Best of CRISPR 2017 Articles Include:

  • A Dose of CRISPR: Can Gene Editing Cut It in the Clinic?
  • Genome Engineering: CRISPR Proving More User-Friendly
  • Using CRISPR to Improve Disease Modeling
  • Gifted Scientists Rapidly Advance CRISPR Operations
  • Genome Editing Explores New Depths
  • Applications of Novel CRISPR Tools

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